Reviews for "FlashTrek: Broken Mirror"

Too complicated

It was alright but too complecated!!

vex-xiang responds:

Yes...it is an indepth strategy game with arcade-style action. At least that has been my attempt. You can play it very simply (especially with cheats) just running around fighting...or you can really get into the game and explore the dynamic galaxy.


OK this is a good game but it can get a little confusing and overwhelming. But overall this game has great potential, mayby making it a little "slower" so you know whats going on? And the sound gets kinda anoying after a while. Good job.

vex-xiang responds:

You can zoom out and view more of the area at once if you find ships buzzing by you too fast. Usually this is because they are at warp heading after an enemy offscreen.

This is a good looking game

I haven't got into it but I already like it!
Nice one dude!
This is front page material IMO

Pretty cool

Pretty cool but a little confuzing

vex-xiang responds:

Yes there is a lot to the game so it was difficult to make it simple. If you give the game a chance I think you will find it enjoyable despite the learning curve. At least I hope so! ;)