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Reviews for "S<3T: Sudden Updraft"

Dam I wish that happened in America

DeliciousOrange responds:

That's the power of imagination!

Okay, I'm not sure I get it...

I can understand that this is a Japanese cartoon and tentacles, schoolgirls, sex etc, that all makes a degree of sense to me. However, I am a little concerned about the anatomy of the girl in the foreground on the right - What is going on south of her panties? Either she has a vagina that can phase through her underwear, or she has prolapsed. Neither of which is a particularly enthralling thought, I just had to mention it.

I can see how you've taken a lot of the detail out of the image, by conveniently placed scenery, removing the need for detail on the girls' knees and also by hiding their faces to one degree or another. People like me watch out for that, so in your next piece, I'd prefer to at least see some more effort in the facial detail. Yes, you're capable of recreating a little lace detail on a girl's panties, but it's not enough. The same can be said for the folded design on the fan - it should not look like it has just been overlaid, it would actually be folded and distorted to reflect this. Making this work would be a crowning glory of the piece, I would feel.

DeliciousOrange responds:

Thanks you for the review. The issue you seem to be referring to is the fact that the muscles on her inner thigh (particularly her adductor magnus and the gluteus maximus) are partially visible from the front. This is actually entirely normal and a common occurrence in women with well defined muscles. This is known more commonly as "the gap" in some circles.

The reduction of detail in areas like the face and knees is to help focus attention on the key points of the illustration, in this case the flipped skirts and panties. Faces are inherently very effective at drawing attention, which is why they are almost entirely obscured here; they would draw too much attention away from the intended focus of the image.

As for the designs, it is a matter of balancing time invested in rendering and effectively communicating the content of the image. Tentacle Bento: Double Major is a very large project with many illustrations, so each image has a limited amount of time available to invest in it. The fact that you recognized it as a folding fan even without the detailed rendering makes it a success for communicating the content of the image, so in terms of the investment of time to the return of effective communication that is quite a good ratio.

Orange HairClip :3

DeliciousOrange responds:

I wanted to make a little cameo as well. ;)

gotta love fan service and tentacles together :)

DeliciousOrange responds:

They just fit together so easily.

LOL I like the flow of wind, but the girl in the background looks like she is pleasing herself. All in all. Really good work.

DeliciousOrange responds:

Maybe she *is* enjoying herself.