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Reviews for "Dancing Clay"


that was pretty cool

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Thanks ^-^

heh heh

i just work up and i saw this and it is really good i like the way you had the clay changing in all diffrent ways
good job

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Glad you liked it!

Cool ^_^

Cool Cool...haven't seen anything like this in a long time ^_^ make more of them! Xp

Deadly-Shadow responds:

I'm probably going to continue to make more untill I get better.

Not Bad Claymation

As I promised I would be easy and I am as you can see. It wasn't that long or anything, I guess you can say it was short and sweet, that is at least the terms that I will be using I guess. The frame per second rate and animation was really good, so I really enjoyed that. You had good ideas for this movie and you used them all making the movie really good.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you were easy on me. Thanks for the good review!


i was stoned when i watched this....first time i was dubious....second time i liked it a lot.....especially when it when it went to the fight.


Deadly-Shadow responds:

You were stoned! LOL