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Reviews for "Dancing Clay"

heh heh

i just work up and i saw this and it is really good i like the way you had the clay changing in all diffrent ways
good job

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Glad you liked it!


that was pretty cool

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Thanks ^-^

That stuff looked like poo

the clay looks like crap, literally. I dont like clay movies as much as ones were ppl spend time drawing the ppl in them

Deadly-Shadow responds:

lol its black clay. It does dosn't it!

NG voters suck.

This was good, and shouldn't have been blammed. The usual problem with clay movies are that they are TOO FACKING BLURRY - yours is nice and clear. And the music didn't suck, either. The other problem with most clay movies is bad prepubescent voice acting, and your movie had none of that. :)

But this is getting blammed. Oh well, NG voters suck.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Um.... It's not blammed. It passed!

alright wtf

response to all the retards here at newgrounds...knox may be awesome and yes hes my role model


anyone is free to post claymations on newgrounds and they arent fucking ripping off knox

his guy didnt even look like knox's

maybe if they looked exactly alike i'd see where you were coming from

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Thx for not calling it a ripoff.