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Reviews for "Dancing Clay"

thats some sucky shit

oh man that was a waste of time

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Flash by you = none!

Lets see you do better!


I like the "Saviour" animation. good one, but i don't like very much this style of movies, though.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

So you were the Savior for this, cool!


it wasnt TOO bad...

Deadly-Shadow responds:

I guees not TOO bad is better than saying piece of @#$%ing S***

it's okay.

it's okay, it's kinda choppy, it'd look really slick and cool if it were smoother, but other then that it was pretty good, and creative.

it's just hard to make a really nice claymation with people like knox out there, but it's good.


k thnx. <33 xoxox.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

When you import movies it sometimes dosn't turn out as good as it could. It gets choppy when you import.


Kinda cool...I like this one...

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Thx :D