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Reviews for "Dancing Clay"

Not Bad

If this is your first claymation, than you have the raw talent to make something amazing. Refine and hone your skills, it'll be worth it.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Maybe I will make some thing good someday. :) Thx


? just ?

Deadly-Shadow responds:

T_T Why dont you try puting in more than just question marks!

Cool ^_^

Cool Cool...haven't seen anything like this in a long time ^_^ make more of them! Xp

Deadly-Shadow responds:

I'm probably going to continue to make more untill I get better.


I liked the lighting towards the end. Looked like it was a rock concert with all the flashing though you probably didn't mean for that :)

Deadly-Shadow responds:

It actully would have been better without the lighting at the end.


it delivered what it promised...dancing clay...but the camera sucked and it was kinda dark...next time have a story

Deadly-Shadow responds:

The one part went dark because I shot that in the morning and a lot of light was in the room so I turned off all the lights. The light from the window made it look bad. For a story I'll have to think of what to do it about. My voice through a microphone sounds funny though. Thanks for putting it into flash for me.