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Reviews for "Dancing Clay"

Try a little harder.

This looked more like an experiment than something you should submit.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

It was an expirement but I thought it was good so I submitted it.


i was stoned when i watched this....first time i was dubious....second time i liked it a lot.....especially when it when it went to the fight.


Deadly-Shadow responds:

You were stoned! LOL

Pretty good

If this is your first stop motion, then good job. Of course, I've never made one so it's definitley better than anything I can do!

Deadly-Shadow responds:

This is one of my first stop-motion movies. I have others on my website.

Good stuff

I liked it quite a bit. One thing I'd like to see, or not see for that matter is the part where its bright as hell, it almost gave me a seizure. Other than that, good job

Deadly-Shadow responds:

The reason it was bright was because I done that in the morning and a ton of light was in the room.


i was bored...

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Oh well!