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Reviews for "Dancing Clay"

ok, nice try!

i'll admit that was, ok, but the lighting toward the end 9intentional? got a little odd... other than that, good stuff.. with time i could see the next knox!

Deadly-Shadow responds:

I hope I can become the next -knox- but I don't think it will happen any time soon.

claymation is cool

i liked it, i gave you a 4. claymation is funny no matter what you do with it lol.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Thanks for great review!


You really should select a better color for the clay... cuz... it looke like battle of the dog shit.

Deadly-Shadow responds:

I'm not buying more clay.

people these days!

violence does not make a good claymation .. or anything

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Who ever said that the violence made it good!

not too fond of claymation

yeah, let's see what i find bad about this submission:

1. very short
2. fast, not good animation
3. no real story/plot
4. just random fighting scenes

Deadly-Shadow responds:

Um... What do you expect from my first movie!