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Reviews for "story of a loser"

really great

this movie is really great, really nice, all queer aside. observing american culture (assuming this is an american norm) it seems that jerks are run loose in most schools. it would be great if this kind of messages spread. great work, keep it up!


I actually can understand how this can be for people. I've been the kind of person who hasn't ever really fit in since i move a lot but i'm in a Secondary School (middle and high school) so the middle schoolers treat each other badly and the high schoolers treat the middle schoolers (and a few other hs students) badly and it really isn't fair... btw please do make a sequel (atleast one) and i'm glad u put a lot of time and (what looks like a lot of) thought into this. You go!!!


That was great stuff the animation was perfect and it really depicts today's life that was really awesome man your a credit to us all.


This was definately A grade work my friend. I sympathise with those who are treated in such an inhumane manner. Although I go to a private school there's still alot of bullying, even there. Please make this a series so you can get your message across the net!

great job, i cna relate

i can relate to that, so much, ever since i was in elementary, that exact situation, everyday, i'm a sophmore know, ya, i'm friggen tired of it, but no one stands up for the small person, so its just me and my small band of close friends, great job, i enjoyed it