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Reviews for "story of a loser"

Dam Good

I relly liked it, but what i think you should have done, is like make him lift weights, work out, and get reddy to fight the bald kids.

Now that would have ben kick ass, you could have made him kick all there asses

Alrite it was a good animation but...

what you said in your comments ''popular people try and be cool be being like everyone else,''. Basically with that comment your generalizing people with more friends then others as peopel who arnt original and copy everybody else just to be cool. Have you ever thought that popular people might be cool because they uhhh.. have a good personality, if you think that popular people are only popular because they conform then you are extremely narrow minded and ignorant. Have you also ever thought that losers may be losers because they actually are? Many of the people who i make fun of are losers because they were idiots who told b.s to get somewhere, and then when that b.s was discovered they told more b.s to get out of it. But then you can go and tell me what about the people who dont act like losers and are just made fun of because of the way they dress or look. In most cases, these people are goths and all goths are alike in the fact that all of them share the same idea that they are an extremly unique individual when the truth there are a million other goths JUST LIKE THEM out there, and then MOST(not all goths) critisize people who dress normally, as conformists. The truth is originalty is almost impossible to come by these days, so you should forget trying to conform, or trying to be original because eventually originality and conformity are the same thing. To sum everything up, Most losers are losers for a good reason, and most popular people are popular for a good reason, and neither should be protrayed as antagonists or protagonists because no one is good or evil were all both. Life is tough so suck it up, none of it will really matter after high school, so stfu, deal with your shit and stop complaining. Oh yea and if anyone is going to try and critisize me for writing this review dont comment on my spelling, because chances are you took your sweet ass time trying to spell perfectly just to bitch about my spelling.


The music you picked for this movie was probably the best choice you could have done...
pretty good graphics though the story was the best bit without a doubt

all i can say is, well done...

I see where your going.

i know what you mean by all the people being the same when your the new kid, but usually they look like punks and stuff with baggy clothes or they are preppy, but anyways i like your thinking, good job.

hey thx jazza

thx man this will help me get ready for highschool, but i have one question....

Do sophomores really punch like that?