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Reviews for "story of a loser"

Yeah i hated my first day

Plus message is so true.

I hated my first day at high school too

Good thing they made this video.

They are right. there are alot of people out there who are treated like this everyday. It's sad to see what happens to these kids. C'mon guy's I know you wanna be with the crowd but dont hurt someones feelings for your enjoyment.

Very nice

A great message that needs to be realized by much of todays youth. Individuality is more important than trying to be like everyone else. Be different and be proud.

Good animation, the music fit well in this. It was a well put together and easily understandable message through animation, and I think that deserves all the stars I can give. Great submission.

it is a sad story

its cool but sad

I loved this flash!

BUT IM SAD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(