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Reviews for "story of a loser"


This animation has a really powerful message and this is how I used to be. Just because people act differently doesn't mean they should be treated with disrespect.

A thought-provoking flash

Having been the "loser" myself, I can relate to that video so much.

Despite the other comments about the over-simplistic nature of the graphics, I thought the simple artwork actually was a better median to express the feel of the clip.


i can relate to this and the fact that it is a reality ( well most of it anyway) is a sad precedent of humanity.


indeed, i know this, and i have seen stuff like this before (even sometimes by myself) and i really appreciate this Flash!

Good message but the animation needs more

though I admit being moved by this flash, the animation needs more improvement. but this is good though, nice flash. I can relate... a little.