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Reviews for "In The Open"

^^' nice~

hehe, was gonna give 9 for originality....but oh well, no music is born of its own :)

this is a very nice mood indeed, for sum reason, i accociate this wif happy endings ^__^" dunno~

great melody blend, that relax beat makes it all alota more easier to listen to (even thou it is already)


MilkMan-Dan responds:

I know wutcha mean... but since this was the second song I ever wrote... I used simpler melody that is familiar in theory but different. This is indeed... a happy ending song. Yet... back when i wrote this... it was more... a beauty piece. :)

Thanks for the review.


The way the song is played, it really gives me that sorts of feeling. Something like hope over the horizon. Good song, MMD.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

There is always hope. And I hope you enjoyed this. btw... it took me a while to figure out that MMD stood for Milkman_Dan... clearly... I'm retarded.

I have said it before.. but I love your music!!

Great work!!
I enjoy your music more than most of the games here...

MilkMan-Dan responds:

... shh!... me too ;)

Comment outdated ^^

Heard this song a long time ago, but never reviewed it.. thought it was finally time to do so..

Indeed a wonderful song..but of course it was in 2005 when you said that this one's your favorite :)
In the last 3 years you've written even better songs, and you can't argue with that ^^ (Altough I'm starting to doubt since this song is playing for the second time now, and it keeps sounding better and better :p)

Anyway.. you've been composing for newgrounds for a very long time now..
I consider you as the best musician in the audio portal (but to be honest.. so far I've only checked the classical section... Apparantly that suits me best, and I have no reason to move on to another section..)

Keep on composing....


I love it. The piano and violins are simply beautiful. It would be fitting as credits music for a war game/film.