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Reviews for "In The Open"

Favourite piece

I love this piece too, but I think you have some other work which is much more mind-blowing. The mood of this song is awesome. Keep up the great work!


This piece is amazing, but honestly, the farewell collaboration you did was, by far, the greatest thing Ive heard off of NG. Amazing still.


You can do that with a keyboard. I never knew and to think i ltook lessons for yr after which i decided art and music are demanding things and while going through school i'd have to choose only one. However, music inspires most of my pieces and yours will certainly inspire me as it already has. With this piece I picture a faded background with a couple joining for the first time in a long while holding hands.


This could be better it has some low sounding moments but besides that it was decent stuff i like it actualy, you should make more of this, anyways nice audio keep it up...


This is amazing.

Truly amazing. I am speechless.. Thank you for making music, please continue to do so. I truly enjoy it more than you can imagine. You are beautiful, your music proves this without fault.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Thankyou for leaving me with your thoughts. I don't know if I'm beautiful... but I'd like to think my music is. Thankyou very much and feel free to email me anytime.