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Reviews for "In The Open"


I love it. The piano and violins are simply beautiful. It would be fitting as credits music for a war game/film.

really nice...

this is a really nice piece, gives off nice vibes and all goes together well
i really like it

i like it!

i don't realy like this type of music, but, i like this one!

Oh My... How It All Forms Together!

Harmonic... beautiful, masterful. I enjoy the ambient feel of the piano as well as the classical approach of the violins. The drums became a very nice touch, although you don't need them you incorporated them in this song very nicely. Everything fitted in with complete harmony together as if to be credits for an action-packed video game. It was magic indeed to listen to this song and I can only expect greater work to come from you.


Comment outdated ^^

Heard this song a long time ago, but never reviewed it.. thought it was finally time to do so..

Indeed a wonderful song..but of course it was in 2005 when you said that this one's your favorite :)
In the last 3 years you've written even better songs, and you can't argue with that ^^ (Altough I'm starting to doubt since this song is playing for the second time now, and it keeps sounding better and better :p)

Anyway.. you've been composing for newgrounds for a very long time now..
I consider you as the best musician in the audio portal (but to be honest.. so far I've only checked the classical section... Apparantly that suits me best, and I have no reason to move on to another section..)

Keep on composing....