Reviews for "Ed the robot - junk box"

Great work

Great flash, man.

It was a little predictable. I guessed the ending right after the unicycle part.
That was cool sound for the red-wagon part.
I liked the little robot, and the graphics were super crisp.

The ending was GRUESOME tho!
Why do you gotta massacre the little guy like that?

that was sweet

that was a cool flash movie, sound could use a little improvement,keep up the good work

i thought this was a solid piece

i liked this flash, but i noticed a lil bit of non synchronized sound. like i heard the little bots wheels squeeling b4 they were moving. also i think that upping the frame rate will make the animaion smoother to boot.
hee hee im off to watch your other stuff. keep it comming.

Sound hurt this flash alot

I honestly liked the story of this flash but the sound killed it. The backround music did not work out very well. It was kinda robotic but somthing that sounded more like a funnier cartoon music would have been better. Also it sounded like some of the sound effects were WAY to quiet and other were WAY to loud, it might be a good idea to balance these out so it will sound better. I liked the robot animations, some nice graphical work!


Not good. Not bad. Just meh. Run of the mill. More boring than entertaing.