Reviews for "Ed the robot - junk box"


Made me chuckle. Its a pretty nice cartoon all round. Very simplistic and not over the top. Nice idea for the storyline aswell, while it does seem to be made for the younger audience, but if thats what you aimed for, great. Good Job.

MasterFury responds:

Ye this movie was for a younger audience.
But that isnt my usual style. Just have a look at my other stuff and youll see.


This has the same calibur of a cartoon short you'd see on Seasame Street. And I don't mean that as in insult--i'm for pre-school television all the way.

MasterFury responds:

when I wads making this, it reminded me of the typerwriter cartoon from seasame street. when I was a kid I use to really like that typerwiter.

What to say...

I know!

So Cute^_^

Someones been nicking sounds from Half Life lol.

Not bad, a little boring but fun all the same, well made.


It was cute. I laughed out loud when Ed jammed the pole with the wheel up the lil robot's arse, and the lil robot's eyed bugged out.