Reviews for "Ed the robot - junk box"


It should have been made a few years ago then mabey it would have been better. Nice sound, the plot needs work.

not bad

not bad


I liked the little robot! He was kinda cute....In a robotic way. To bad he got exploded. If you are reading this, then MAKE ANOTHER ONE! THAT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! Please?

MasterFury responds:

Im planing an making a few more


Like it :P. It isn’t the best of submissions, but the concept is quite nice.
I think you could also interpret this as criticism agains the way a 'guard' threats his 'guarded' nowadays.
Like parents and children (or even government and people).
Probably not intended, though.

good i liked it

it liked how you had that one robot trying to help his newly assembled friend, sound was realy good stereo realy made it better, poor stupid little robot guy, didn't realy have a chance did he?