Reviews for "Ed the robot - junk box"


Lol, just kidding, all though I don't understand the txt the reads "Story by" so and so. What story? In fact there was no ponit to it, no jokes, no blood, 1 measily explosion. I'm not making fun of guys, I'm just confused. Well at least ur animation and sounds were good, I'd say they were above average and kudos to that. But I'm still confused, was there a moral or were u trying to be funny. Seriously, respond to this and tell me.

MasterFury responds:

Nop ,no moral to this . And I (Bryan) wast tring to be funny with this. My dad (Kevin) wrote the basic story to this about 4 years ago and I dont know if he was tring to be funny. The main reason I made this is because my dad was constantly pestering me to make it.
well i hope that this helped you.


I kind of liked it. It was just a tad boring. The animation and sound was nice though for what it was.

It was actually alright...

I didnt think it sounded very good and at the beginning didnt seem very good but as it went on I couldnt help but gradually liking it more and more.


Pretty cool =D

This was intresting, espescially after watching stupid 7-frame loop animations all day long... nice ideas ;)

Damn you burt reynolds

I liked it alot. I'm thinking that some might say it's too long but I thought it was perfect. I'd actually like to see Ed the robot find a friend that can keep him company. Po lil fella.