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Reviews for "y.a. Legend Of Zelda"

nice story i like it :D

i like these types of storys there funny really. i hope you can make these types again there just cool. ;)


I don't really know what to say...that was...strange...
Also, Why do I suddenly want to buy the minish cap game?


Poes De Konejo Tenia Que Ser Superl Cool Maestro!


it was awesome. but i REALLY wish for a parody that DONT depend on sex talk or anything. i dont mean sex jokes, they are funny, but i talk about that zelda ofer her and all. and that vaati talk about it too... well, im kinda sick of it

LOL hat

I like the flash better than the game,the flash is funny as hell especially when Ganon says that Mario paid Bowser to kidnap the princess than pretend to fight him so he can get hitched. LOL and the hat when he curses he gets smushed.