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Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.1"


Nuff said


You Got real near to the comic
Cartoonìsh style .
The blood effects characters and backgrounds fit perfectly together !
Graphics where amazing all these single details made my computer lagg
and thatswhy you can see that you put very much effort into everything in this peace !
The animation made me feel well , you got snowball to be happy sad and mad thats what people want to see
in movies .
sound fx where very good came at the exact right time and fit to the movements and animations!
the music was very very nice and it made me think of in what situation snowball was in.
interactivity : Very great ! sinse my computer lagged i could allways set my quality down YAY !
so the movie ran smooth even if all the evil bunnys jumped around in the screen !
`t was so funny as Snowball got the Plasma rifle !
Overall youll get all my 10 !

much luff your tiny Gun helper Harakirie .


tough its very violent... it sure is CUTE!
the bunnys ... oh my god the bunnys *-*
but they are dying... ;_; at least they look cuter with eyes shut <<
very good movie, but i didnt like the music