Reviews for "A Conspiracy"

I laughed histerically


involving storyline!

well done, i was totally involved in the storyline. The overall appearance of the preloader & the introductory BG music was a well thought out combination. I would be Very interested if this so-called Conspiracy series spanned over several episodes... i gather there is more length in the upcoming movie project you're working on. I like it how the violence was masked behind total black darkness - appealing style. Still need to work on your tweening regarding action scenes, this will make your work look very polished. Keep up with the storylines. Good job


I like the fact that you used voice and not some text, animation wasnt bad...a lot better than i could do. I see promice.


Interesting. Nice story, cant wait for the movie

What in the...

What in the seven circles of hell was that? I've been a fan of the 'Clock Crew', but that killed the entire franchise. But this is only my opinion.

Good luck next time ;)