Reviews for "A Conspiracy"

Crap again

How can it take more than one person to make something this bad! When I thought it was going to get good, you blacked it out and finished it!

Your scenes are too long, there is only so long I can watch 3 aliens breathing underwater!

NullZilla responds:

dont diss

this is just a preview if it passes we make submit full movie


I cant believe it took 5 people to make this

it was better than the other one......

you guys/girls/transgenders..... whatever. it was better than the other one you just submited need to work on ya pictures a bit the amish guy was a big crappy but other than that it was ok.


Does anything ever happen after the alien thing right after its done loading? Its been doing the same thing forever so I didnt stick around to find out...

NullZilla responds:

click on Play Movie

Joo N00bey