Reviews for "A Conspiracy"

not bad

good sotry but make it longer and use better details!!!!


I like the fact that you used voice and not some text, animation wasnt bad...a lot better than i could do. I see promice.

Not great

Everything was kind of mediocre, animation was nothing special, storyline was kind of boring and sound pretty average too. Not terrible but not great either.


Just a few minor complaints.

The sound wasn't very good. You could hear the crackle of a computer microphone whenever someone spoke. And the script needs polishing-

"Were there any survivors?"

"We found three survivors."

It's extremely repetitive, and means someone needs to re-read the script and take out the extra words, and smooth it up a bit. Other than that, it's not bad- though I do hope you *have* gotten better with your flash, as you say you have.


A full episode of something with that quality of work should be able to be finished in like 1 day with that many people working on it. I would probably put off doing a full release of this for now and have you guys concentrate more on practice.

NullZilla responds:

this is just small preview and we made this movie 2 year ago now our flash skill are super and we remake movie entire again but full too