Reviews for "Zombies Bite (Teaser)"

Good Clip of whats to come

I love this, It brings me back to the 80s real well.

You have a good style of animation and I wish I could learn the ways of doing this but I really cannot make nothing this good :(

Good job on the project man. Hope you make a full version of it.

umm question

I hope this doesn't sound too rude but umm are you going to continue this? It looks good (I know zombies are a common thing in flash but hey I'm curious). Again sorry if I sounded rude but well I've seen a lot of teasers/trailers that I think look good but nothing happens with them.

I want to see it

I think you should finish this, I'm sure it would be pretty awesome,


9/10 good gafics and nise humer ps:+1 becose calvin is my name =D so i am awsome!


Loved it