Reviews for "Zombies Bite (Teaser)"


hey dude. this movie's look is awesome. the zobies are great? is it all drawed by yourself? This is one of the best-drawn-movies I've ever seen. thank you for this expirience.

I'm looking forward to the real movie.
I'll check out your new stuff soon.


HappyHarry responds:

Yah, I drew it. I'm not a plagiarist...unless you count ripping off a popular theme as plagiarism

oh wait

That only got you a C?!

I can't believe they would only give you a C for that!... Heh, if I was attending that school I'd be failing for sure =P

That was awesome, I especially liked the 80's theme to it. The Micheal Jackson bit made me laugh. I hope you continue this story, but if not then I'd be just as happy seeing more of your work.

HappyHarry responds:

Dude, thanks.

The work was also very late...and I'm a terrible student

So sayith the Sludge Queen...

You are such a great artist/flash maker! Your creations are amazing and so well done... and humorous (fancy that)! Oh! I can not wait till you bring to life yet another enjoyment to these orbs I call eyes. Create! CREATE!
(I must poke you. I must poke the master of today!)

how zombie movie cliche of u

yet thats what made it funny


please make it a flash (and if its succesfull make a series it might work)