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Reviews for "About Me"


that was pretty cool! Good music choices... and your voice is hot

Jordanog responds:

haha! thanks. i think i sound kind of young actually


Is this the Truman Show soundtrack at the beginning?

Jordanog responds:

nope, it's just mozart


Haha, that was funny. Good art and animation. Not enough moving around on the screen though, that doesn't matter though because it makes up for it in humor. The sound was kind of soft, but it maintained a certain volume, getting rid of the annoyance of adjusting the volume. Overall, this was well made, good job!

Jordanog responds:

thanks, man. system rocks!


It looks like you put alot of effort into this, it could use some minor tweaking, but overall it deserves to pass judgement.

Being born on November 10th has its advantages. I voted 5 on your movie cause that's my birthday too.

Keep up the good work.

Jordanog responds:

Heh. thanks. scorpio will take over soon.


Takes a special type of person to make a flash like this and post it on newgrounds of all places. Given the average population here.

I was really surprised and liked the flash a lot.

I went from a 4 to a five just because this was the first flash today to make me laugh. Probably the first one I haven't voted zero on.

Good work.

Jordanog responds:

Thanks man. That really means a lot to me.