Reviews for "Nice to meet you!"

I love this new pallette you are using. Fantastic work, mate!

Seriously amazing. I can feel the wind blowing through my hair when I look at this.

Amazing! Lovely colours.I can really say that this piece tells to me , it have a great impact too!
Maybe I'll liked more to the face of the girl , but this is not a critic I just love it as it is :)

this its a master piece now print in a canvas and when you die, you will be millionare like the other dead artist.
no seriusly that a great job

"Hope you like it !"


We hope you continue existing my good artist!

The splendorous technique is only matched by the well used point-of-view, which makes a small character comparable to the titan, but with the clear sight of their huge difference in size.

And the backpacking character just adds "adventure" to the context.

This, is the definition of awesome, fellow newgrounders.