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Reviews for "Nice to meet you!"

Seen it on DeviantArt. Faved there, too ^_^

I got an instant imagination of a unknown world where these robots watch over the lands and this girl is wandering around, all alone but safe. I just can't descripe it. This picture is just so awsome...
I'll stop blabbering of how fascinated I am.
It's just... beatiful.

Fantastic,looking at this one made me remember of a wonderful game I used to play,Xenoblade Chronicles. =)

Great drawing! First things that came to my mind however was Shadow of the Colossus and Iron Giant. Amazing concept and basically the drawing in general is a bau5!

Wow... This is amazing! It all looks so "real"... Like, convincing. Like you're there. You created a perfect atmosphere in this, I would say.