Reviews for "Nice to meet you!"

Great drawing! First things that came to my mind however was Shadow of the Colossus and Iron Giant. Amazing concept and basically the drawing in general is a bau5!

Wow... This is amazing! It all looks so "real"... Like, convincing. Like you're there. You created a perfect atmosphere in this, I would say.

I loved this its really warm and more importantly its leaves a sense of wonder and imagination as you look at it.

Has that really fresh, spacious, Studio Ghibli vibe about it. I especially love how mist around the titan's lower leg and the atmospheric perspective helps to add a sense of distance, and reinstates his colossal size. Really beautiful, you can almost feel the warm breeze!

This is mindblowing. Yet another incredible piece of work. If I may suggest, which I will, I feel the second titan in the background could be taken away, to have a more intense 1 on 1 feel to it. Other then that, absolutely beautiful.