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Reviews for "Nice to meet you!"

This is incredible KW. Such atmosphere.

I really like your art work, and how each one tells a little story in itself. Some of them seem like they are all connected somehow within a larger world/universe. What I would love to see is a story concept, flash or maybe a comic style from you! just an idea.

Still amazing. I swear, I'm starting to think I'd be more astounded if one of your pieces was actually bad. I like how this one is much more lighthearted than most of your others.

Like a painting! Awesome!

very awesome.

The color palette sits very well with this scene; nice and mellow. Every time I look at it my eye gets focused on another thing. The titan staring at the girl gives me an eerie yet mysterious feeling, like shes in a state of awe yet wondering if they're in peace or war.