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Reviews for "Nice to meet you!"

reminds me of the movie the iron giant if you know what im talking about.

The baloon is really important for the composition but it shouldn't be red because of the scarf, they became huge red line of weight surpassing the cold colors on the left. Nice work

What's great about this is that I didn't even realize how massive the Titan was until I noticed that he was standing behind the mountains. What a clever way to portray the scale.

The nearest balloon is really really bright and draws so much attention yet it is probably not supposed to be important. Also because of huge difference between color tones of those balloons and their not so different size (in real world it would mean that there is not that huge distance between them but very very dense atmosphere), the titan looks not as huge as he should be, cause he is brighter than distant balloon and therefore closer (even though that his feet are towering above the snow line as we see in the back, IF we decide to look there). So, the space is really confusing. Just didn't want to go without explanation. Colors are nice aside from that very red balloon. Reminds me the recent trailer of upcoming The Witness. Sorry for misspelings if there are some:)

keepwalking responds:

The red baloon plays an important balance role in the composition, if you remove it there will be too much weight on the left, and the eye will think something is missing. The closest balloon is smaller than the farthest. The closer titan is at the same distance as the closer baloon, there is a mist covering the titans legs, not the atmosphere... Hope that explains something :)

Amazing! Lovely colours.I can really say that this piece tells to me , it have a great impact too!
Maybe I'll liked more to the face of the girl , but this is not a critic I just love it as it is :)