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Reviews for "Nice to meet you!"

Thanks for my new desktop background! Love this one

Wow, just wow. Totally breathtaking.

Awesome work on this one!

this makes me happy :]
I used it as mah wallpaper

I like that you've decided not to make either the girl, robot, balloons, or aircraft hostile towards each other.
I liked the style of the background and foreground, but I think in trying to make the giant appear even more... giant, you've cut out too much of both and there is far too much sky doing nothing at all. It's good use of a clever scaling tool, but too much of it.
You've done a good job with the clouds, though. The aircraft-stream gives a horizontal reference point so you can tell the clouds are behind the giant, on one level. The clouds that just touch the tip of the green hill throw this effect off a little: clouds that far away should be even fainter, smaller, and sparser.
Brilliant piece of artwork: the room left for improvement can only be a good thing, right?

This is really great, it reminds me of The Iron Giant, one of my favorite animated movies of all time. The ambiance is really great, the only thing I dislike is the cloning. Not just because copy-pasting looks lazy, but also because it absolutely wasn't necessary. The image would would far better to me if it just had one giant, to add personality and one balloon (I realize that wasn't cloned) for better compositioning.

Nonetheless, really, really great.