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Reviews for "Nice to meet you!"

"Hope you like it !"


We hope you continue existing my good artist!

The splendorous technique is only matched by the well used point-of-view, which makes a small character comparable to the titan, but with the clear sight of their huge difference in size.

And the backpacking character just adds "adventure" to the context.

This, is the definition of awesome, fellow newgrounders.

Love the brushstroke effect. Makes nice for a feel of enchantment. I for one don't like to mix much machinery with naturalism but this works like crazy. i really like it

Legend of Zelda + Shadow of the Collosoues? E'LL YEAH!!

In some mystic way reminds of hyrule field mixed with the 4 giants of temina if youve ever played legend of Zelda I love the art keep it up:)

thats one big pleasure bot.............oh wait