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Reviews for "DucktaleZ 3"

so funny

If you wish to see your nephews again meet me in a hour
one year later"
vegeta: your late

I like to watch it

Song: Bouleyard of the broken dreams
Lanchpad vote5
webby:creepy and cutie
Huey,dewey and louie:$100000

greatest EVER!!!!

Epic original story, great graphics, perfect song choices, and altogether excellent work!!! The most surprising thing about it is the fact than one man made all of this!


still i think that motley crue is to awesome to have there music put in a comedy


Words can not describe how AWESOME this is!
You yourself are a God!
Vegeta looks so great in that animation, nad it's a funny blend with the flat South Park style DuckTales stuff, and the Action is just mind melting
Makes me wish Scrooge McDuck was in Budokai Tenkaichi 3

above all it was so totally Awesome and you deserve an Emmy!

I just wish I could find that Big Bomb Bomb song, it seems to be unfindable

and one last thing: *Brust me Bagpipes!*