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Reviews for "DucktaleZ 3"


This is one owsome epic funny omegateragigahyper ITSIMPOSSIBLE Movie on newgrounds!

ITS OVER 9000!

Oh God I remember this!

Good shit! And I lol'd at your Author Comments, too.

Wow, I'm almost speechless.

This is fantastic! It starts off with a great storyline, and it's very funny. As Vegeta and the others not from the Duckberg region are greatly drawn, the Ducks look very crappy, making it hilariously awesome! With great animations, fighting scenes, a great plot, and awesome graphics to top it off, it has everything needed. It's laughs, it's cries, it's gross stuff, everything. It even has Vegeta going Super Saiyan. Although, what'd be even epicer, is if Vegeta went all forms, including Baby Vegeta and Great Ape.

In tact with that, the plot is awesome because Vegeta fails to steal just a freakin' dime. That plot made me ROTFL. I'd love to say more, but my figners are killing me. Above all, best Flash Movie I've ever seen. Ever.

Love it!

The fight choreography is great, the fight scenes are very remenisce to the TV Show, the Animation and editing is excellent, & it was very funny.

lasts friggin' forever

Well, you certainly captured the essence of "drag-on" ball Z, since it does just that. The only other thing I've ever seen that drags on longer than this is "demented cartoon movie". I think it drags on longer. I'm not sure. I lost track of time and my face almost melted and my brain almost exploded with that one too.

I managed to make it through the whole thing however, because though it was long and tedious, there were a few moments when the ridiculous random chaotic mix random out of place things kept it standable. I did laugh when Vegeta said he was from the planet Krypton. The only thing better would be if he said "I come from the planet Vulcan!" and gave the Vulcan hand sign, like the famous back to the future scene. And the reference to ChannelCat's classic "DBZ in a nutshell" with the dialogue "Oh my god, a Super-Saiyan", "What are you talking about, Super-Saiyans are foolish!" was well-played. But that doesn't change the fact that it was horribly, horribly long, and even something that's crap doesn't seem like such crap when it's only a minute long, while if it's 20 minutes long it has to be genuinely good to not seem like crap, and this, my friend, is not genuinely good. It's a snore.