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Reviews for "DucktaleZ 3"

I actually liked at the fight scene. The low quality is actually appealing. This is great! It is funny beond gunny.

I recommend. Please watch!

3 words graghics could be better

Oh dear lord....I can't comprehend such amazingness

I mean how many flash movies crossover Ducktales, DragonBall Z, Christopher Walken Robot and the likes. I mean wow only on Newgrounds would I find something this awesome and this bizarre. It might just be one of the most epic (And the definition means long look it up) flash movies since the Demented Cartoon Movie.

And with that said this ones totally a keeper. I'm happy to see the series is back and I can't wait to see more shenanigans by Scrooge Mcduck and pals

Probably the best 18 minutes and 41 seconds I've spent in a long time.

At first I was like, "This is ridiculous," but then I was like, "Ooooooh! It's -intentionally- ridiculous!"

Wow! I haven't reviewed this?

Well I don't think I could fit in one review all the stuff I love about this flash. Whenever I want a smile on my face I watch this. It's the random sillyness I can never get enough of.

Thank you for making this.