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Reviews for "DucktaleZ 3"


very hilarious..the part that got me crackin up, is when vageta was sayin "this is impossible, he's a thousand time stronger than he was be...AHHHHHH!!"

oh my god!

i almost pissed my pants at the end when vegeta was dancing!!

a couple things

you have your dragon ball z facts wrong, when vegeta was evil he wore saiyan armor and then when he was majin he was in a permanent super saiyan 2 mode. second, vegeta can only use final flash while in super saiyan 4. third, adult trunks didnt exist after the android saga and cell was dead vegeta was good during then. and third kamehameha is eithr blue or red depending if your good or evil. but a good movie though.


i love this movie!

funny stuff

i can beat vegeta if wanted to