Reviews for "kegel & keanu, j.lo, ally"

seen it

ive seen similar things ilke this on the net, still pretty funny though

Well.... where to start?

I think this is pretty funny... I really love that you chose Keanu, J-LO and Mc.Twig Flockhart, they are excellent choices to be voted off earth.

I think I would have liked to see more of them being blown up.... or at least more in the violence dept. But, hey... that might just be me.

Extremely funny....good job!

Not much to say except it was funny

Amusing and Odd...I watched it twice...hehe

Odd, yet amusing. I wonder what must go on in this man's head. Some very funny parts in this piece. Although, I -did- like the Matrix. Oh, well...well done and keep it coming


I was loving the video until you made fun of JLO. I love JLO, I'm one of her biggest fans... I was going to give you a 4 until then, so you got a 3... moron