Reviews for "kegel & keanu, j.lo, ally"

"oh i put a fire cracker down keanu reevs pants

damn that was funny

This is a good time.

I love this! That twig is a tad too fat to be Calista Flockhart. Thanks for the J'Lo bashing as well, we can never get too much of that.

i love kegal!

hes so cute!hehe!keanu reeves lol my balls itch haha i loved bill and teds excellent adventure but his voice did get a little annoying!great job on making fun of jhoe lol!

with a k with a e with a g with a e with a l

lol this crazy dog is mad funny!!! all thats missing is more violence...

kegel is Today

Kegel is today's Homer Simpson,and yet homer is yesterdays fred Flinstone.....think about that.