Reviews for "kegel & keanu, j.lo, ally"

I love this author!

This was funny as hell. Watch it.

I love this flash

I watched it like years ago on a friends comp and finally found it so I could give it the highscore I always wanted to. Its just fuckin hilarious. Which is weird cause I like Lopez...(mostly cuz she's hot) I don't have a problem with Keanu Reeves. Though The calista chick does have the right to be represented as a stick. The human body is meant to conusme more then one meal a day!! In any case. Good writing and kegel's voice and attitude is just a classic character who will always be one of my fav's. He deserves airtime. Nice animaton to. Real smooth and shit. "One way or another...he was gonna sabotage this mission."


beautiful wonderfuly done and hilarious. The voices are great!


either way he was going to sabatoge this mission. so funny man. keep it up


With a name like "Keanuluver", i'm not sure the review was without complete bias...

most excellent! all your stuff is good; i cant get enough. keep it up! or i'll be forced to roll over and die.