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Reviews for ""Epic Battles" Ep.1"

Not bad at all

Nice flash, but maybe you should ad some sound effects to give the movie a more "war-feeling", laser-firing stuff and all that. Then it would be even better

Just wanted to say..

I know nothing about Warhammer or whatever but I still enjoyed this submission. Great job!

Great visuals, good humoured

My opinion on that has little weight and is saddled with prejudice because of the depth of my conviction that warhammer is gay, although that's prob just because I secretly want to collect them and bitter that i'd become a reject if I did.

Anyway never mind the bollocks and back to the review, the graphis were trully impressive, and exceptional level of detail throughout which helped give texture to the whole futuristic vibe.

The humour wasn't exactly directed at me as a hater of warhammer but i could still appreciate its sharp pardoy style which was pretty easy to enjoy. The nature of the humour I think was the best choice you made, it enabled a flash appealing to a small minority to be enjoyed by the masses, so congrats on that.

Ill def check out your future work, your visual style was memorably precise and rich, I hope you apply it to a variety of concepts.


not bad graphic and sound wise but as xaxius said the background info could have been morea accurate ....fans (like me yes im a WH geek) might get a lil peeved off but good flash overall

nerd rage

Aquila = too small
kneepads = too small
Helmet details = Whack

Plz buy a space marine model and use that as a reference. Hope it helps you be more accurate. nice flash, good for a lol. just bugs me when people with clear talent for flash animation don't get the proportions right on a bloody space marine. should be easy, yeah? Get a figure or look up some artwork. I hope that helps you avoid picky 40k player's nerd rages ;)