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Reviews for ""Epic Battles" Ep.1"


I used to like warhammer 40k, but it got too expensive

this is a really good paraody, but i bet you thought this up through the dawn of war game!

Really good, although you really needed the dark angels coz they are the best!


go my Tyranid hive.. put ruin to thoes blasted Space Mari... er...

great movie.. need more combat though.. and some Zoanthopes.. ^^

make more

Warhammer..... YAY

Not many people make flash on this. It was really funny. The graphics were really good. Next time put some chaos space marines in it.

i love space marines

space marines r the best! i loved it! make more!next time though make more battles


loved it! play Space Marines myself. love the way you show the Emperor!! and rofl at eldar on the roof... that's just so gay i lmao