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Reviews for ""Epic Battles" Ep.1"


that was the best wh4k flash i've seen on this site.the graphics were great, the sound was great, and "THE EMPEROR DEMANDS TACOS!!!" was just pure genius!


It is great and funny hey can u do something with necrons

~The Best Flash I Have Seen In My Life~

I want to nominate this for the hall of fame for 1st place.....keep them comming i love these this is the best warhammer40k flash i have seen!!!

Freckin awsome

You got to make more hahaha tacos hahahahja

Great job.

This really is a great job of you, as everything it could of course become better. The humouristic part of this movie was exeptional, even if I believe that people who are not intersted in the Games Workshop hobby didn't get a shit of what it's all about. It would, however be really cool if you made longer and more all-round movies, with all'round I mean movies that I can give high scores in all aspects. You certainly have the ability and if you just have the will I am sure you could turn this into something really great.

I thank you for one of the best laughs I have had in my life.