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Reviews for "Zelda: Alternate Form"


My only question is...Why the donkey kong music??

Advanced-Logic responds:

Well, I don't have any real music from Link to the Past, so this DKC2 music was my alternative music.

I don't know what to say...

The dancing Luigi was pretty cool... but everything else was... I'll quote another newgrounds user with the best quote ever... "That hurt my vagina..." LOL!

pretty alright

some of the lines were a little cheesy, but overall, it was pretty funny, especially the easter egg and the twist. not much to say about the graphics or sound, since 90% of it was borrowed, but of course nintendo knows how to make graphics and sound, and people who borrow them have good taste.


just idotic..


man, what the fuck! i though i would never ever see a zelda with donkeykong music, wtf, pissed me right off! but the flash was good, work on that music and this would be much better.