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Reviews for "Zelda: Alternate Form"

god damnit

god damnit there are way to many zelda tiem flash out there shit shit fuck shit anyways good flash but there getting old!!!!!!

Advanced-Logic responds:

Too many? There aren't even enough compared to Mario Flash! XP

Not so bad

Yea im gonna have to agree that you need to work on you drawings.

Advanced-Logic responds:

Even if I did work on my drawings, I would never improve. I've been drawing for years, and my drawings still look sort of as if a little child drew them.


That was really stupid.... and why did they curse so much, that was just dumb and out of context

Advanced-Logic responds:

Hence the Textual Explicit Language.


My only question is...Why the donkey kong music??

Advanced-Logic responds:

Well, I don't have any real music from Link to the Past, so this DKC2 music was my alternative music.

well the only good thing were the sprites

the gun for example ,sucked ass you should try and improve your drawing not bad though [if its your first one]