Reviews for "Zelda: Alternate Form"


oh...fucksicles. man that was funny!!! good job with the sprites man. i wanna see more!!!!! consider yourself...PROTECTED

Advanced-Logic responds:

Horray ^_^

harumph, (giggles) HAAA!!!hahahahahhahahahhaha!

hey, this is good stuff! I like it! Verily you have flair and style! this Dark lord hopes to see more stuff from you soon!

Why was arnie in that?

This was a very good flash but do you know that retarded Toad's name is Arnie? He is from Randy Solem's Rise of the Mushroom kingdom movies and Sobe Lean Link. Did you ask to put him in there? Or did you just find him? If you didn't ask Randy , I hope you don't get in trouble. Any way Nice work! It was funny and I liked it. (Especialy with the Mario Bros.) Oh Fucksicles. LOL.


i laughed i cried, but mostly i laughed cuz it wasnt the hot link that died. YEAH


the easter egg rocks