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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 13"


This one had me cracking up through out the whole thing. Graphics were perfect and the voices were funny as hell. Overall, a great Star Wars parody! 5/5


How often do you get the chance to review a Retarded Animal Babies ep while it's under judgement? This was hilarious like all the rest of the RAB's, maybe even more funny because it had Star Wars in it.


Woohoo straight up 5! imma fan of starwars yea, and this is one of the best starwars parody i have ever seen. PUPPYKIN SKYFUCKER!


I am one of the first people to vote on this! straight up five after I saw this, i love star wars, but i love a parody of star wars even more. Good work man, good work.


I can see the humor, but it wasn't really that laugh out loud funny. Just kind of, snicker funny. Kinda disappointing.