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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 13"

Forget JIMAHHH or whatever his name is

Man that was so funny, you have a great sense of humor! The best part was the beginnig of course, and those animals were so funny! good job man.

JIMMAAHH is douche!

ignore JIMMAAHH, this shit wass hella funny :D espeicaly when puppy said "I...I...lovee...your tittys."

Almost the best one yet

I don't usually give tens, but this is an exception. RAB has cracked me up since the first episode, and with this awesome star wars parody, i fell of my computer chair laughing.

Keep it up dave!

I've said it before...

When idiots try being stupid and random, it's not funny. I can't believe people would stoop so low as to laughing at random crap. Can't you feel your already low IQs lowering? It takes absolutely no sense of humor to make something like this. You might as well have put a can of soda and written the word "cheese" over it and just kept it there with a crappy song in the background. Anything would make you idiots laugh.

Finally Done!

I'm done! I reviewed the first one yesterday but now: I'm done! All in all, greatest series i've seen on newgrounds. fuck happy tree friends!