Reviews for "The Big Fat Tutorial"

10 out of 10...DAMN!!!

Bravo, this has helped me out in starting, Sevenfold. I especially loved the Zelda theme you put into there. (I'm a huge Zelda fan) This was Great...Expect to see some Flash by me using this tutorial within the next few months. As of right now:
Flash by Tactics_Elf
- none -

he he but awww

First of all, i loved it, and i tried most of em out, they really worked... however i had some trouble with the faery part... i'm a new user, im pretty confident with flash, but i get confused easily, please could you reply to this (very sorry but i dont know where the forums are, lol) anyway i got the wings moving and all, but i couldn't make it into one... and it didn't really tell me much on that... very sorry, but apart from that it were great! :D

i loved it

i lived this but 1 thing the camera thong did nt work for me and i use flash 2004 but i loved id.

very helpful

this helped me alot. the only thing is i'm haveing a little trouble with is figureing out how to get the camra for paning to work. if you could help me out with that, it would be great.

mmmmmmmm wings lol

i got through only 2 sections cuz i copyed a bunsh of stuff down on paper so i don't forget how to do stuff