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Helbereth responds:

Thanks for the all caps... err thanks for the good review!

Versatility beyond description

This tutorial is THE most versatile document on newgrounds . Of course this tutorial will not appeal much to beginners in terms of helping right away , but the intermediate skill worker , who has a general understand of flash and it's many uses , will certainly enjoy this . I am a beginner , and well i have not submitted anything yet , or created anything . I've done some experimenting , and done some hands on work while micmicing the examples given in tutorials , making sure i reproduced them as good as i possibly could before i could go on to the next lesson . I am on a crusade to learn . It has been one of these intuitious dreams of mine to learn how to use flash . I already have a good intermediate skill in Fire works . In fact i am pretty skilled . I know it isn't as good as photoshop , but i get everything i need from Fireworks . I am not a skilled sketcher , so the use of photoshop is not necessary for now ; not to mention it is expensive. As i was saying , i am trying to learn as much as i can . From how to actually make backgrounds and put them into the flashs ( yes i still don't know o_O) to making outstanding flash movies like yourself. I still don't quite understand the camera part . I thought it was meant as a metaphorical tool . Like saying : "The camera is in the mind of the producer". Well i guess it has more , but i am a victim of SLS , so i am sured past that . The last part i would like to comment , is how you entertained us through the flash . I like to think thats important when your presenting something . Like a public speech , or a flash presentation , Etc. You have to inform the guest , and be precise aswell as generally speaking ( Like being open minded , which you did quite a few times . In order for people to know that if they did something for the sake of doing that it was alright , but if not they should follow the rule you presented and Etc.) , but more importantly : you have to entertain too . Everyone wants to be informed , but it makes it easy if you're really into the information being given out . You're curious to see what happens , you can relate to some of the things , and you can let out a chuckle once in a while .

All in all , those were the elements that , i found , easily made your tutorial the most versatile tutorial on all of newgrounds.

Congratulations and may god bless you ;D.

I hope you decide to make a well explained tutorial on everything for beginners . Like how backgrounds work , and do you have to put them in every frame using the frame by frame technique ? Wink wink ;) . I am kidding , but it would be nice to have one that is more straight to it than the others . Just a suggestion though :D

Good job once more

Cheers to Thee !


Helbereth responds:

For that title "Versatility beyond description", you certainly tried to describe it.

I'm glad to have helped you learn and made you laugh. Those were my goals with this tutorial, and I'm happy to have achieved them.

The incredibly simple stuff like that, I suppose, could use an overview at least. Most users have that stuff figured out pretty quick, though. I could include a 'total newbies' tutorial in my next incarnation - could make for a few good laughs (I remember being completely stupid when i first opened flash).

BTW as long as your background starts on one keyframe and has enough frames to go with your animation, you're all set.

Thanks for the very long review!

Thnax for the help

I ve always wanted to learn to do flash and this is a very good start point for me, all i have to do know is save to buy the program... few hundred if im not wrong, but that not my point. Thanx for making something entertening and helpfull for all us noobs that want to start.

Helbereth responds:

You're welcome. Flash is like THE best program out there for designing web content. It's also used to make broadcast quality animation. If you're an artist with an inkling to design web content flash is a great way to go (I sound like a freakin macromedia ad, but it's true).


well put together it's helpful and nice phyisics explination.

Helbereth responds:

I'm not completely sure what you mean by physics explanation...

if you mean 'how things move when animated', I guess i can understand. Animating isn't just about moving from point a to point b... it's about understanding how something gets between those points... inertia, forces, resistance... all that happy stuff.

Thanks for the review!

Best tutorial on NG

This tutorial blows all others out of the water. After all this time of just hanging out in the background I'm finally thinking about making something in flash. And it's all thanks to this awesome tutorial. If you've got any other cool tips don't hesitate to make another of these.

Helbereth responds:

Well good. No sense in having good artists languishing in trepidation when they only need a boost to their knowledge center.